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Premature Ejaculation Vs Deficient Ejaculation – What Is The Difference?

Every man wishes to perform excellently in the bedroom; to satisfy one’s significant other during intercourse. However, there are sexual problems that have emerged. A good number of males are suffering silently as far as performance is concerned. These issues are majorly traced to ejaculation.

Whether premature or deficient ejaculation both are causes of problems to a number of males. Most people do not understand the difference between these disorders and they end up wasting time and monetary resources on treatment meant for other sexual problems.

Premature ejaculation, as the name suggests, refers to a disorder whereby a man ejaculates fast as soon as he begins to have sex. One is said to be suffering from premature ejaculation if it happens in less than two minutes after penetration. This condition is a subject to think about by the affected men and, therefore, forcing them to seek remedies to correct the problem.

It also poses a risk of losing one’s partner since the female fails to feel the intimacy and the performance that the partner is giving because the pleasure is short-lived. There are extreme cases of ejaculating prematurely which suggests that the problem results from a chronic cause thus medical attention should be sought.

On the other hand, deficient ejaculation occurs when a man gets a difficulty in reaching orgasm or in few instances when such a man reaches orgasm, the content ejaculated is quite little. A person suffering from this condition continues having sex even after their partner has already reached orgasm.

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He might take half an hour or even more thus be hurting his partner because, after female orgasm, the vaginal fluids cease to be produced, therefore, there will be no lubrication hence a painful friction as the male tries to reach orgasm.

Deficient ejaculation causes discomfort and emotional distress since the female will be feeling physical pain while the male will be wishing that he releases quickly – a mental pressure. At the end of the act, both will have suffered emotionally as a result of the condition hence causing regrets.

Both premature and deficient ejaculation is a result of psychological instability hence they are treated in almost the same way. Taking a balanced diet and engaging in exercises provides a remedy for these conditions.

One’s diet is recommended to be inclusive of green vegetables and fruits because they positively impact on the general health of a person. Exercises, on the other hand, deals with the condition physically as well as triggering the production of a natural hormone known as dopamine. Dopamine assists in boosting the sexual appetite.

One can also undergo counseling sessions whereby the partners are given a chance to talk about the issues. The talks are therapeutic in the sense that being mad at each other resulting from sexual dissatisfaction will greatly reduce.

Premature and deficient ejaculations are ordinary disorders that can be easily dealt with through regular exercises, proper intake of fruits and vegetables and managing emotional stress through therapy. Any man suffering from these conditions can, therefore, rectify it thus improving the performance and the general relationship.

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