Penis Enlargement Myths

Most of the men who have chosen to use one of the penis enlargement techniques have had a normal-sized penis. It is a well-known fact that a man perceives the size of his penis slightly different than it actually is. Another important fact, according to several studies, reveals that women usually pay more attention to a person as a whole than just to one organ. Believe it or not, your witty, caring but manly personality will make quite an impression on the opposite sex. However, if you still think your penis does not measure up to your demands, you might want to try some of the less invasive techniques first.

Even though there is hardly any scientific proof about the effectiveness of these techniques you may try them yourself in order to achieve some results. According to several testimonies of men who have tried these methods, there is a high possibility for a noticeable change in your life. Of course, we are not talking about 3-5 inch enlargement as advertised, but you may achieve a solid ½ or ¾ inch penis enlargement in length and some additional girth. During the performance of penis enlargement methods, you need to follow the procedure and most importantly do not exaggerate.

The most successful method for penis enlargement apart from the surgery is the process of extension. While other techniques work only temporary, the methods including penis stretching may have a permanent effect. Permanent penis enlargement can be achieved with a penis extender and stretching exercises. Both approaches have to be performed with extreme caution. Otherwise, you could achieve quite the opposite effect. To avoid some serious problems, consult your personal doctor about your future intentions.

How to shatter the myth of a small penis?

Penis extender is a device used to stretch a penis. It is a non-invasive penis enlargement technique, causing growth up to one inch, according to some testimonies. Penis extenders are medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Stretching exercises are the oldest penis enlargement exercises known to men. Exercises work, but you need to be very careful and devoted when performing them. In the past, men used to attach heavy objects like stones to their penis and carrying them for several hours during the day.

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Jelqing is another penis enlargement method to increase the blood flow to the penis and providing immediate improvement with penis erection.

Penis enlargement tablets, oils, crèmes and patches are heavily represented in today´s market. Their effect is usually instant but temporary.

Penis pump is used for drawing blood into the penis to achieve an erection and enhances a penis girth. These devices are also used to treat erectile dysfunction. A penis pump may temporarily cause a visible effect but, overuse of penis pump could damage the tissue and creates erection problems.

Surgery is, of course, the most invasive penis enlargement technique. It is mainly recommended for correcting defects or injuries but used for penis enlargement as well. It is not effective at all when it comes to enlarging the size or workability of penis. To some cases and to some degrees, it does not work at all. Moreover, it can be extremely hazardous and can destroy the originality of the male reproductive system. On the other hand, this is very expensive and can’t beget the comprehensive result as compared to the effort given.

It does not matter whether the penis enlargement is a myth or a fact. Every man is different, and so are the odds of achieving a goal. No matter, how much money and time you spend on accomplishing your dream, in the end, your faith and personal conviction will play a significant role.

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