Penis Enlargement Myths

In my opinion, men are giving excessive attention to their penis size. There is a tendency to think that a person’s capability is only defined by how he is packaged when it comes to the penis length and girth. Men with a smaller penis are beginning to feel inferior. This explains the increased popularity of penis enlargement products in recent years. However, there is more than a man can do to become a better person. There are numerous other ways through which you can regain or improve your sense of pride or confidence. I BELIEVE it’s high time for men to start looking beyond the penis enlargement fuss.

Here are things, outside penis enlargement, that men can do to improve themselves.

Concentrate on your assets

The reason you are feeling less confident is that you are only focussing on thing – your penis size. Have you stopped to think about the numerous assets that you have to your advantage? Most probably not yet; if you had done this earlier, we would be talking about something else now. The most confident men in the world usually put more focus on their intellectual, personal and physical assets – as an important part of a balanced self-evaluation. Here is the point; consider the various assets that you have as an individual instead of focussing on just your penis size. An assessment of this nature goes a long way in revealing the many good things you can you say about yourself. Who said you need anyone’s approval?

Transformed thinking

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If there is nothing positive you can say about yourself when you look in the mirror, then you need to do something about your mental shape. While this might sound silly, it’s actually of paramount importance to do so. This might even include dropping some of your friends in your social cycle. Surrounding yourself with people who see nothing positive about themselves and the life, in general, is in itself suicide – for lack of a better word. Do you always ask yourself questions that start with why?

For instance, why don’t people like me?

Try replacing the why with what. The question would look like this; what are some of the things that are likeable about me?

Essentially, you will begin to approach life with a lot of positivism. Your negative perception about life and yourself need to change, like yesterday.

Self improvement

This is a very crucial tip towards becoming a confident man. Have you considered going back to school to obtain that diploma you have desired for the longest time now? What genres of books do you read? Do you watch motivational or inspirational movies/films? How about looking for a way to make side income; besides your regular income? This is the way to go now.

There are so many ways through which an individual can improve himself, and in turn, gain more confidence. It is time to step outside your comfort zone. Push yourself to engage in activities that are external your comfort zone. The longer you stay in a comfort zone, the more they shrink. However, when you decide to jump out, they expand. Take control of your life and bring back that confidence you have earnestly waited for. It will not be handed to you on a silver plate.

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