Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

It would be naïve or rather unwise for someone not to have safety concerns when it comes to penis enlargement – and more so, if that individual is seriously considering pursuing PE in the first place. Well, penis enlargement can either be safe or unsafe. It all depends on how you approach the whole process.

The “how” in this case means the choice of penis enlargement and the manner in which it is used. A penis enlargement product could be the safest in the market, yet highly hazardous if used incorrectly. On the same note, a PE product could be the riskiest yet turn out to be the safest if carried out with utmost caution. As such, the safety, or the lack of it, is primarily founded on these two aspects.

This notwithstanding, some products have been categorised as the riskiest, and others as the safest. Take, for instance, penis surgery. By all means, no one loves the idea of undergoing a surgical option; even when it has nothing to do with the male member. A minor operation is sufficient to scare the hell out of any person. How much scarier then is penis enlargement surgery? It is no wonder it’s considered the most dangerous method of penis enlargement. In many instances, penis surgery is considered as the last resort. As a matter of fact, a lot of bravery is exhibited in men who opt for this highly effective, yet riskiest PE approach. There are so many risks associated with surgery such as excessive bleeding, scarring, and too much pain and in the worst case scenarios impotence and death.

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Another PE option would be penis enlargement devices such as penis extenders, weights or pumps. These devices are a lot safer than penis surgery. However, there are risks too such as penis damage and injury, especially when used excessively. Sessions of PE devices shouldn’t last more than instructed on any given day. Also, users must learn how to use the chosen device correctly to avoid causing penis injury or damage. Care should be taken when sourcing penis enlargement devices to ensure that the best and safest device is selected.

Some men have successfully relied upon penis enlargement pills, lotions or creams. Mostly, individuals opt for the ones made of natural ingredients. The majority of these ingredients are used in the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine, and they have been in use since time immemorial. Components such as Yohimbe, Hogwash, Ginseng and Horny Goat weed are known for the tremendous contribution to male enhancement. Again, caution must be exercised to avoid falling prey to fake manufacturers as their products can be detrimental to not only the reproductive health but also the general wellbeing of the user.

Lastly, men may opt for natural penis enlargement exercises. An old Arabian technique, jelqing is famous in the world of penis enlargement. It is traditional that has been passed down from father to son in the Arab world. Popularly known as “milking” this method is said to deliver a longer penis. Kegels are also said to be useful in penis enlargement. Natural penis enlargement exercises are generally safe as long as they are done correctly.

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