Can Your Diet Affect Penis Size?

“You are what you eat.” You must have heard this phrase a thousand times already. Regardless, the famous statement makes as much sense as it made when you first heard or read it. Your health, as well as your general body performance, is highly dependent on what you feed on – and this includes the functionality and the size of your manhood, or that of your loved one. As such, individuals are advised to take utmost caution when choosing the kind of food they eat to ensure their overall well-being.

Food and penis size

Although indirectly, food controls the size of the penis – particularly during its phase of growth before adulthood, and afterwards. Following a healthy diet can help to keep your blood flowing, especially in the groin area.

The primary food components are known as vasodilators. They play the important role of relaxing the muscles that make up all the blood vessels. Diets containing vegetables such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and carrots contain vasodilators. Others include eggs, salmon, milk, liver, and tuna. You may also want to consider including selenium, vitamin E, and zinc as they are specifically associated with the sexual and reproductive health of men.

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People should consider consuming a high fiber diet with low saturated fats to prevent or minimise the pileups of fatty deposits that has the potential of narrowing and clogging the penile arteries. Another important thing – stay clear of animal fats and sugar. When taken in excess, they could cause heart disease and diabetes and eventually lead to sexual dysfunction (impotence).

Another incredibly valuable food that shouldn’t miss in your diet is raw oysters. Oysters contain zinc and dopamine that not only promote growth but also increases a person’s libido. This is especially useful for men who are having difficulties getting their third legs up. It is a great way of improving the sexual functionality of your manhood. Oysters are best eaten during dinner to prevent its effects from wearing off until you are done making love with your partner – when it’s happening at night of course.

Men should also understand the importance of avoiding drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, and coffee. These poor lifestyle habits have the potential to inhibit the ability of the body to produce sufficient growth hormones required for enlargement of the male member. Instead of taking up these poor and unhealthy habits, energy should be focused on adopting healthier behaviors such as consumption of more fruits and vegetables regularly.

Exercise is yet another critical factor that affects penis enlargement. Apart from penile exercises, the whole body should also be exercised on a regular basis as this provides a great booster for penile growth. When the body is properly worked out, the brain turns on the pituitary gland which consequently sends signals to the growth machines of your body, including the penis.

Your blood needs to be sufficiently oxygenated to facilitate stronger erections and the much-needed penis enlargement. Diet and exercise are two extremely useful factors when it comes to male enhancement. While supplements are a good way to go about, feeding on the right natural foods is by far the best approach.

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