The 10 Strangest Facts About Penises

A lot has been said about one of the most important and sensitive parts of the body – the penis. While some or most of them might be myths and misconceptions, here are ten strangest facts about the male member.


It is a rare condition affecting one in every 6 million men. It describes a situation where a baby boy is born with two penises. On many occasions, both penises are not fully functional. Unfortunately, this condition is accompanied by other deformities that require surgery.

It is like a big clitoris

Believe it or not; the genitalia of a baby boy and that of a baby girl while in the womb is pretty much the same – until the male sex hormones set in. It is no wonder the clitoris and the penis have a similar amount of nerve endings.

Foetuses have erections

Women are particularly amazed by this fact. Apparently, foetuses obtain an erection. This goes to tell how powerful the male genitalia – even before the birth of the baby boy.

Langerhans cells

The foreskin is said to possess plenty of Langerhans cells. These are typically immune cells infiltrated by HIV, explaining why circumcised men in Africa have a 60 percent lower rate of contracting HIV from heterosexual intercourse.

The penis is more flexible than anyone can contemplate

A study conducted in 2002 by the University of Stanford, analysing couples having sex under an MRI, revealed that the penis takes the shape of boomerang during the act – when the man is inside his female partner in a missionary position. Simply amazing!

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Cigarettes can cause penis shrinkage

This truth has been told to men over and over again. Cigarette smoking not only decreases your libido but also causes weaker erections. This is mainly because this poor habit constricts the blood vessels and in turn, minimising the flow of blood to the penis. You won’t love the end results as far as your erections are concerned.

A teaspoonful of semen contains only 36 calories

There are so many myths surrounding the composition of semen. Unknown to many people, semen contains very low calories. It is composed of amino acids, citric acids, enzymes, fructose and water.

Penises can actually break

But it does not have a bone! That’s right; although the male member does not have bones, it can suffer a trauma or fracture. In many instances, it happens due to aggressive sex. Penis fracture or trauma is a serious injury that demands immediate medical attention. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Failure to consult a medical practitioner could result in permanent penis damage.

The steel Phallus festival

This is a festival celebrated in Japan, every year on the 6th of April in honour of penis and fertility in general. Its history can be traced back to the 17th century where prostitutes would pray for protection against sexually transmitted diseases (seriously). Today, festivities associated with Steel Phallus are aimed at ensuring AIDS awareness.

Largest penis – 13.5 inches

The owner of the world’s largest penis, measuring 13.5 inches is a New Yorker; Jonah Falcon.

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