Penis Size: It May Be Written In the Length Of His Fingers

Apparently, a look at a man’s right hand can reveal so much information about him – from intellect to personality as well as physiology. Inspect your right hand. Between your index finger and the ring finger which one is shorter? The digit ratio of these lengths can tell so much about you; according to several studies.

Behavior towards men

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, men whose short fingers are shorter than ring fingers have a tendency of being nicer to women. Scientists have attributed these findings to the sex hormone exposure while in the womb.

In this study, 155 research participants – 77 women and 78 men – filled out forms for each interaction they had with a member of the opposite sex that lasted more than five minutes; within a period of three weeks. The checklist of behaviors involved quarrelsome and agreeable. Men whose digit-rations are small seemed to engage in a third more agreeable behaviors towards the women, and third less quarrelsome compared to men whose digit-rations were large – according to the report.

Past research studies have shown that, the digit-rations, also known as 2D:4D ratio can be used to determine the amount of male hormones, primarily testosterone that a person is exposed to while in the womb. Higher levels of testosterone are associated with longer ring fingers compared to the index one.

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Digit-ratio and penis size

The idea that digit-ratios of men and exposure to male hormones in the womb are connected isn’t exactly a new thing. For example, a small 2002 research study that was published in the Journal of Urology reported a correlation between the index finger’s length and the penis size of healthy men aged below 40 years. This lead to a conclusion that the amounts of testosterone while a baby is in the womb impacts the growth of both.

Different studies have gone ahead to link the 2D:4D ratio with other qualities defining a man such as a penis size. A 2011 research study published in the Journal of Andrology linked a small digit-ratio to a lengthier stretched male member. The study involved 144 respondents aged above 20 years undergoing urological surgery at that time. Immediately the men were anesthetised, two different researchers measured the length of the patients’ fingers as well as the penises – stretched and flaccid.

A stretched penis was taken as the equivalent of an erect penis size. The shorter the second finger as compared to the fourth finger, the longer the stretched member was. Again, the researchers blamed this revelation to the amount of testosterone exposure of the participants in the womb.

However, the hormone exposures and genetic activities linking the size of fingers to that of the dicks are yet to be known. The thing, the role played by testosterone when the baby is in the womb cannot be downplayed.

Digit-ratios have also been linked with other aspects surrounding the lives of men such as rate of risk to prostate cancer, facial attractiveness and academic components such as SAT performance.

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