5 Natural Male Enhancement Herbs Men Should Know About

The traditional Chinese medicine is one of the treatment options that rely solely on herbs. Today, there are numerous other brands of male enhancement drugs in the market. The fact that they have gained in popularity, even with the availability of the modern treatments, is enough proof that they have a wide array of benefits. Here, we discuss five natural male enhancement herbs that every man should be aware of.

Epimedium leaf extract (Horny goat weed)

Popularly known as horny goat weed, epimedium leaf extract is also known as bishop's hat and fairy wings among many other terms. The Chinese refer to it as Yin Yang Huo. Besides being an aphrodisiac, it is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It was recognised by a goat herder in china who saw the potential it had in increasing sexual activity among his goats - and hence the name "horny goat weed."

Its efficacy comes from a substance known as icariin, a PDE-5 inhibitor with the same characteristics as sildenafil (Viagra). This, therefore, means that Epimedium leaf extract raises the level of nitric oxide in the male member when a man is sexually aroused which in turn gives him improved control over his ejaculation. The herb is also good at relaxing the muscles around the penis which helps to increase the flow of blood, and consequently, giving you powerful erections.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

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This herb produces among the most impressive health benefits. It is loved for its ability to enhance sexual endurance, besides being a powerful aphrodisiac. If you are looking for something to boost your testosterone production, and muscle growth, look no further than Tribulus Terrestris. It has enjoyed a stellar reputation in the Asian nations for many centuries.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is also popularly known as maidenhair tree - a true historical tree species, considered among the oldest in the world. It has a reputation of improving the memory of an individual, as well as concentration. Its use in male enhancement is highly needed to counter the side effects of anti-depressants in a person's sexual performance. It has anti-depression properties, an element that enhances dopamine in the body. Ginkgo Biloba also facilitates recovery and healing of the tissue, explaining why it is one of the most important ingredients of male enhancement in the market.

Panax Ginseng

It is commonly referred to as ginseng, Korean ginseng, or true ginseng. It is widely used a sexual improvement drug in Korea, China, and Japan. Besides increasing your sexual stamina, Panax ginseng also enhances your vitality and sex drive. It works by raising the levels of nitric oxide and blood flow to the member. As such, it not only delivers stronger erections but also allows you more control over your ejaculations. Panax ginseng takes care of your stress levels and also increases endurance - making it possible to last longer in bed. Stay clear of American ginseng and Red ginseng as they do not deliver similar results.


Male enhancement supplements that contain Yohimbe work to resolve erectile dysfunction problems. Just like Ginkgo Biloba, this herb is good for easing the anti-depressants side effects that affect male sexual health.

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