What Herbs Help Improve Male Libido

Since time immemorial, men have relied on a wide array of herbs to enhance their libido and solve other sexual health problems. The majority of these herbs are still in use today. This article discusses some of them in detail. At the very least, it will help you know what to look for when shopping for the best male enhancement supplement for reviving your libido.

Damiana leaf

The Mexicans have been using Damiana leaf as a libido enhancer for the longest time. It was very popular among the early Mayan people as far as boosting sex drive is concerned. Damiana leaf is also an important ingredient for treating low libido in the western herbalism.

Pumpkin seed

The importance of pumpkin seed goes beyond its use in the preparation of delicious snacks. Since they are rich in zinc and a couple of other essential nutrients, pumpkin seeds are effective in boosting not only sex drive but also the health of the entire male reproductive system.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a common ingredient in the majority of male enhancement supplements. Although it is well known for its pain relieving properties for men suffering from enlarged prostate, it is also an incredible aphrodisiac. A good number of men can swear by the sexual benefits they have reaped from saw palmetto extract.


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A wild evergreen shrub-like plant, Ashwagandha is a native of India, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean. Nowadays, the medicinal plant is cultivated in many countries with favorable climatic conditions such as East Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is sometimes referred to as Indian ginseng because, in Ayurvedic medicine, it plays the same role as the one played by Panax ginseng in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides being a powerful aphrodisiac, Ashwagandha also boosts male fertility.

Tribulus Terrestris

Commonly referred to as puncture vine, Tribulus Terrestris grows in many parts of the world. Its ability to enhance testosterone levels explains why it is an effective energy and libido booster. Men struggling with erectile dysfunction may depend on Tribulus Terrestris to obtain stronger erections.


Ginger root is commonly used as a spice in the preparation of foods, teas, and other beverages. The globally-available herb boasts of a couple of medicinal properties including the treatment of flues. Other than that, ginger root helps to boost sexual energy and is also an aphrodisiac. The herb is also believed to assist in improving blood flow, boosting the immune system, increasing sperm count and alleviating sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

A vasodilator, the herb promotes enhanced blood circulation in the body, including the genital areas. With increased blood flow to the penis, the sex drive and sexual arousal of the user receive a significant boost.

Entengo herb

It was first discovered in Southern Sudan. There are claims that it has the potential to increase penile length and girth when taken alongside penis exercises. Its ability to enhance circulation to the different parts of the body explains why it is in this list. More flow of blood to the penis translates to a wide array of sexual benefits including improved libido.

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