Sex Pills: Pharmaceutical Or Natural?

Dare to mention sex pills and almost everybody around you will automatically think that you are talking about Viagra. Since its inception, Viagra and other similar pharmaceutical sex pills have become very popular, and this is easy to explain. The male member and its ability to rise to the occasion when needed, is of utmost importance to any man.

No adult man who does not dread the very moment when his manhood will be unable to play the game as usual. No one entertains the thought of his third leg staying on the bench when it should be on the field doing what it does best. Unfortunately, some men are not lucky and usually have to deal with sexual problems such as weak erections, or difficulties obtaining an erection. Others struggle with premature ejaculation for one reason or the other. When it happens, the most reachable solution is the sex pill. This leads us to an important question; pharmaceutical or natural sex pills?

Pharmaceutical sex pills

Established in 1998, Viagra is the most popular FDA-approved pharmaceutical sex pill in the market. Also known as Sildenafil, the blue pill was designed to help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It works through the dilation of the blood vessels in the male genitalia, and in turn triggering an erection. The dilated blood vessels enhance the amount of blood flowing to the genital region explaining why the user can enjoy firmer and lasting erections within an hour of usage. The effects of Viagra usually last for approximately four hours. It is, however, worth noting that Viagra does not have a direct impact on the sexual arousal or sex drive of the user. Some of the side effects you may anticipate include nausea, headache, runny nose or nasal congestion, fluctuations of the blood pressure, visual problems, chest pain and irregular heartbeats.

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Natural sex pills

Natural sex pills are the one made from natural ingredients from herbal plants. Although more herbs have been discovered in recent years, a good number of the ones that are used in the natural male enhancement industry have been in use since the ancient times. Take for instance horny goat weed. Just as the name suggests, it was discovered by a Chinese herder (many years ago). He noticed that the goats exhibited exaggerated sexual energy after consuming the plant and hence the name. Since then, horny goat weed became a crucial ingredient in the sex pills designed for improving sex drive or libido.

Others include yohimbe, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana leaf, and maca root among many others. A given brand of sex pill will contain a selection of these herbs, plant extracts and other essential mineral and vitamins. The ultimate combination of ingredients is usually determined by the primary need that the sex pills should satisfy. For this reason, depending on what you aim to achieve by consuming sex pills you should familiarize yourself with the various herbs to help you understand their different potentials as far as male enhancement is concerned.

Unlike the pharmaceutical sex pills, the results of sex pills are not instant or as fast. Kindly note that you will be required to use it for a couple of months before you can see the expected results. Perhaps the greatest advantage of natural sex pills over the pharmaceutical ones is that they promote the overall wellbeing or functionality of your body. This is mainly because they are aimed at optimizing the functionality of all the body systems including the circulatory system. Further, they have little or no side effects – especially if they are taken according to the instructions provided.


The decision between pharmaceutical and natural sex pills should be entirely personal. However, you may base your decision on the speed at which you want results or the amount of side effects you are willing to tolerate. Looking at the big picture is also worth the while.

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