7 Tips To Beat Premature Ejaculation

No man ever wants to ejaculate a few minutes into foreplay or within the first one or two minutes of penetrative sex. In any case, the desire of every man is to showcase his bedroom skills to the best of his ability. Besides, where else do you get the opportunity to prove your masculinity if not in the bedroom? At the office, or in the world of business, such things are hard to prove. Unfortunately, things do not always in our favor in matters sex. While some men usually struggle with erectile dysfunction or different levels of impotence, others are somehow condemned to premature ejaculation. Luckily, there are a couple of things that men can do to beat premature ejaculation. Here, we look at seven of these tips. I hope you find the information useful.

  • The right male enhancement pills or supplements – the penis enhancement supplements is full of products that can help alleviate your current misery. These pills contain herbs, essential nutrients as well as minerals that are known to treat premature ejaculation. The majority of these enhancement pills contain ingredients that target the cause of premature ejaculation.
  • Condoms – a thick condom has the potential to reduce the sensitivity of your penis. In turn, you will last longer in bed. If you are in a steady relationship or married for that matter, you may want to discuss this with your partner to prevent the consequences of miscommunication.
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  • Think about something else – someone will argue that you should not be distracted when indulging in sex. However, consider this as a different situation. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Since you are struggling with premature ejaculation, your distractions are justified. Try to think of something annoying or ugly during the act. It will surprise you just how much this tip helps to delay ejaculation.
  • Put the needs of your partner first during sexual intercourse – before you get down to the real thing, let your guiding principle be that your partner should orgasm first. The pressure to please your partner in bed will go a long way in helping you last longer in bed.
  • Solve relationship problems – the root of premature ejaculation is not known. However, it is usually suspected to be caused by physical, emotional and psychological factors with more of it being blamed on the psychological aspect of a patient’s life. As such, you may want to determine the cause and if you are having relationship problems, say with your partner, try and solve them as soon as possible. Always try to be relaxed and free of anxiety at all times and more so during sex.
  • Counselling/sex therapy – besides psychotherapy, a counsellor will help you learn effective ways of communicating with your partner about sexual dysfunction.
  • Masturbation – this is an effective therapy for teaching you to delay ejaculation. For instance, let’s assume you are in the process of masturbation. Just when you are about to cum, you divert your mind to something else such as sports, a project at work or any thought capable of helping you cool down. Over time, it will become easy for you to respond in this manner. From there, you may try this tip when having sex with your partner.

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