How To Fight Erectile Problems In Men

The erectile function is a critical element of a man’s performance in the bedroom. For any couple to enjoy fulfilling sexual encounters, the male partner must be in a position to obtain and maintaining sufficiently strong and lasting erections – among other things. It is no wonder a man will shun sexual intercourse by all means if he realizes that his manhood is constantly letting him down. Unfortunately, the complete avoidance of sex makes the situation far much worse than it is. Men are therefore encouraged to seek help as soon as they recognize inadequacy in this area. In many instances, the problem is actually not as bad as it appears.

In this post, we seek to bring to light ways through which men can fight erectile problems – way before they happen, and even they decide to show their ugly heads. As such, this article is divided into two; preventative measures and the treatment options available for erectile problems.

How to prevent erectile problems

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  • Maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, consider getting rid of that extra weight as it puts strains on your cardiovascular which in turn leads to male sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Too much of it is harmful to your erectile function
  • Cigarette smoking has a negative effect on your blood flow as well as the neuro-signals responsible for ensuring a stable supply of blood to the penis area.
  • Watch out what you eat. Plan your meals in a balanced way while at the same time, making sure to include sex enhancing foods such as watermelon, broccoli, bananas, oysters, and onions among many others.
  • Engage in regular physical exercises. On average, try and exercise at least half an hour daily. Besides keeping you healthy and ensuring proper circulation, physical exercises helps you keep that excess weight at bay.
  • Keep track of your cholesterol levels, as well as the blood pressure. Excessively high levels of the two have a diverse impact on your erectile function
  • Find time to get sufficient rest and sleep. On average, avoid sleeping less than six hours. Also, find a practical and effective way of managing your stress levels. Too much or constant stress has the potential to eat deeply into your sex life.
  • Drink plenty of water – at least two litres per day.

How to treat erectile problems

  • The above eight tips could make a good starting point for treating or correcting an existing erectile dysfunction
  • If the source of your problem originates from a poor relationship, stress, anxiety or depression, a sex therapist or other counselling professionals will come in handy. You may want to consider consulting an experienced professional.
  • Speak to your doctor and ask them to recommend the best treatment options regarding prescription or non-prescription drugs. He or she may recommend the FDA-approved erectile dysfunction drugs or one of the numerous natural male enhancement pills for ED available in the market.
  • Your doctor will run a series of tests to determine if you have an underlying health condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes that could be to blame for the erectile problem. He or she will then make a decision based on the test results.
  • If you suspect that the prescription medicine you are taking could be to blame for your erectile dysfunction, ask your doctor to look into the matter. He may replace them with mild side effects with regards to your erectile functioning.

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