Different Types Of Penis Pills

The popularity of the use of penis pills as a method of male enhancement is growing day by day. Different types of penis pills are being introduced from time to time to help curb the male sexual issues which have also become common at the present time. The following are the different types of penis pills available today;

Male libido booster pills

Nowadays, low libido is a problem affecting not only the old but also younger men. Young men tend to indulge in various activities that affect their sex drive adversely. Some of these activities may include alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, stress and poor diet among others. Penis pills manufacturers saw the need to come up with pills that could help boost libido in men affected by a low sex drive. These types of penis pills work by stimulating the release of more testosterone hormone in the body that is responsible for increasing the sexual urge.

Penis enlargement pills

Possessing a smaller penis can be humiliating for any man. You are likely to avoid the incidences involving the stripping of clothes with the fear of being undermined by your colleagues. This insecurity might catch up with you even in bed where you may be afraid to strip naked for your partner.

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Having a smaller penis is not a problem to blame yourself for as you are not responsible for it but rather your genes. The introduction of penis enlargement pills has now made it easy to increase the size of your penis to whichever length you would wish to. Also, these pills promise to give you a permanent result if you use them correctly.

Semen volume pills

The volume of semen a man produces matters a lot when it comes to reproduction. This is because a significant volume of semen is usually needed for an effective fertilization to take place. Semen helps in nourishing the sperm to swim easily towards the egg. A low semen volume can hinder the smooth movement of sperms towards the egg, which can prevent fertilization from taking place.

The volume of a man’s semen can reduce as a result of various factors such as a poor diet, excessive drug use and depression among others. Semen volume pills help to counter the problem of a low semen volume by supplying the body with active ingredients that stimulate the production of more testosterone hormone that prompts the manufacture and release of more semen.

Premature ejaculation pills

One is said to suffer from premature ejaculation when he ejaculates inadvertently either before a penetration or immediately after a penetration. Most women admit that they hate it when men ejaculate prematurely. Premature ejaculation can result in serious psychological problems in a man when not taken care of at the right time.

The sad feeling that your partner portrays after an unsuccessful sexual intercourse can result in depression and increased anxiety which can even worsen your situation. Premature ejaculation pills are now available for men suffering from uncontrolled ejaculation. These types of penis pills work by changing the neurotransmitters which result in delayed ejaculation.

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