Different Aspects That Affects Female Sexual Desire And Hormones

The present day women live for an age limit of 85 years. Health-wise, today's women are more fit, when compared to females in the past. Families are also limited and females go out to work just like males. Additionally, they desire a superior sex life.

Sometimes, you suffer from lack of libido and it is commonly believed that this may be due to changes in the hormones that are liable for the misconception in your sexual relationship. You wish to find the truth about the connection between hormones and sexual desire. Actually, there is no scientific proof to declare the relation between hormones and low libido.

For this it is necessary that you get familiar with your body and the hormones.

Kinds of hormones in females

  • Oestrogen and progesterone are the sex hormones produced by the women's ovary in large amount.
  • Ovaries also generate small amount of male hormones called androstenedione and testosterone.

Two vital hormones called LH and FSH are secreted by pituitary glands in males and females.

  • Follicle stimulating hormone or FSH controls the egg formation in the ovary.
  • Luteinising hormone or LH controls the creation of sex hormones in the ovary. LH is said to be strongly connected to sexual desire.

Two main things that happen in your menstrual cycle:

  • During the initial 14 days oestrogen level increases and ovulation takes place, which steadily decreases, just before the menstrual cycle.
  • After ovulation progesterone level elevates sharply and then falls down, just prior your monthly period.

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Several women suffer from low libido, during this period whereas several feel sexier before or during their monthly periods. Since every female faces the similar hormonal change, during their monthly cycle, their sex interest differs. The reason is not recognized by anyone till today.

Fluctuations in the relationship

In the beginning of your relationship, everything is fresh and exciting, which stimulates the brain. So, you may feel the answer is in the brains and not the hormones that ignite your sex drives. Therefore it is vital to transform your lifestyle to keep your sexual experience in excellent shape.

Sadly, as you moved to live together the sex that occurred occasionally became a routine and a notion that it can be enjoyed anytime now, reduces the eagerness. Another fact is that both of you are working extremely, which can tire and stress you. Furthermore, you do not take proper nutrition. All this has nothing to do with sex but it has a connection with the production of hormones.

Tips to enhance your lifestyle:

  • Spend some quality time together for that extra boost and romance.
  • Read erotic books or think about the romantic times you have spent with your partner to get excited.
  • Tiredness is the main adversary of sex, so make sure you sleep well.
  • Consult your doctor for female enhancement supplement.
  • Overweight and sluggish feeling may be due to underactive thyroid that will need medical attention.
  • Change your diet and fuel your body with natural energy boosters.

There may be specific times, when you may suffer from lack of desire including after child-birth, after miscarriage, after termination. In addition, women suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome or menopause can also be the reason that you may avert from sex. With these details, you are now somewhat familiar with the reasons behind low libido and can tackle the problem efficiently.

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