Discover The Root Of Low Libido And Fix It

The real fact is that lack of sexual interest and erectile dysfunction are both different situations. However, penis stretchers can be used to treat both conditions. Stretchers can work wonders, if your lack of libido shoots from the feeling of having an inadequate penis size.

Nevertheless, your sexual life can get enhanced, if you consider some other general sources of low libido. Some common ones are depression, stress, apathy and usual exhaustion.

Low energy level - Taking penis supplements made from horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris extract and many such natural herbs boosts the body level. In addition, it enhances the energy level for a better sexual performance.

Testosterone – Testosterone level reduces about one percent every year as a male ages, so taking supplements that boost the testosterone levels is vital. Herbs like Tongkat ali and Mucuna Pruriens increases testosterone that creates strong and long erections with intensified orgasm.

Vascular issues – Imbalance in blood circulation to the penile region causes impotence. Medical conditions are rooted due to disparity like hardening of arteries, hypertension, high-cholesterol, and diabetes that reduce the blood pour to the genital regions. Natural herbs like ginkgo biloba elevates the blood and oxygen flow through the entire body. Thus the thickening of arteries gets reduced.

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Chemicals - Dopamine and acetylcholine are chemicals that act as neurotransmitter, which triggers the brain and releases sex hormones. Nitric oxide chemical is vital that facilitates the blood to flow towards the genitals and an erection takes place. Lack of nitric oxide will weaken the erection. Cnidium is an herb that is used in penis pills, which effectively increases the level of nitric oxide for better circulation.

All the above natural herbs, when merged together are potent to deal with low libido. A combination of penis extenders and pills will bring a quick repair in your ED and improve your sex drive.

It is not true that there is lack of libido, if you perform it twice a week or once in ten days. Find out the causes of your low sexual interest. Medical issues can be solved by making some changes in your lifestyle with the help of your doctor and as a result retain your sex drive.

If both of you are satisfied then there is no issue. If it is opposite and your woman desires more or less sexual intimacy then this issue can be corrected by communicating frankly. View sex in the same way as you cooperate the other things in your life for example, you desire to watch sports but your wife wants to enjoy her favorite TV reality show. However, you must have compromised with her and even she may have cooperated with you in different things many times.

This way of cooperation is appreciated by every couple, which brings them closer to one another. This also applies in your sexual intimacy. Due to this conciliation you may be experiencing low libido than try to solve it personally or professionally. Do not let your valuable relationship develop negative feelings but look into it and fix it. Once this situation is under control then apply penis extenders and add a new aspect to your sexual life with an improved penis size.

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