Maintain Hygiene To Avoid Penis Soreness And Infections

In the younger men the soreness or pain in penis is a very common symptom. In most of the cases the cause for the soreness turns out to be harmless. According to doctors you need not have to worry much if your penis sores. You need to monitor the situation and seek medical help if you observe any other symptoms. There have been many studies conducted to understand the exact cause for the soreness.

One of the most common reasons would be your first experience of sexual intercourse. Yes, if you never had sex or not had much then there are many chances that you experience a bit of sore because of the friction between genitals. Some of the other reasons would be if you had a prolonged sex or a vigorous sex.

Most of the younger men tend to masturbate at a very high frequency, this also can cause soreness. If you want to enjoy the oral sex then make sure your partner takes care of your tool with utmost delicacy. Soreness as a result of sexual act will affect mainly the foreskin. You can identify the soreness if you observe the redness or darkness on the skin of your sex organ.

You may also suffer swelling of the penis which is a result of the prolonger sexual intercourse. If you come across such situation don't worry, with a simple consultation of your doctor you will be able to get rid of the problem.

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There are different methods of treatments available which will help you in getting rid of the problem. If you are sure that the soreness is mainly due to the prolonged sex then all you need to do is take a break from the sex for few days. You can apply any approved cream on your penis which will soothe your penis from the pain. When you again indulge in sex make sure you don't prolong it. You can even ask your partner to be gentle with you.

There are some other cases where in men suffer from soreness along with a small cut or bleeding. Generally, the fraanum or the fraenulum which is present at the far side of your erect penis will get torn which will result into the small cut. It is a small pink or black string attached just below your penile head that gets torn off during the sex.

If you observe cut and bleeding in the above said portion then simply press and hold that portion with the help of a cotton piece. After some time if bleeding does not stop then consult your doctor immediately. There is one more common complaint people make is the soreness with itching. This is seen mostly seen around the foreskin and is mainly due to the thrush.

This is a very common and non harmful issue caused due to the fungal infection. This can be resolved by simply applying anti fungal cream around the affected area. According to doctors' suggestion if you maintain good hygiene during foreplay and sexual intercourse you can avoid many cases of soreness.

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