How Women Are Different Form Men When They Have To Get Climax?

Women equally enjoy orgasms as men do. They express their views and expectations boldly, which was not the case some years ago. In those days, she never had equal opportunity to enjoy climax. In fact, they were not bothered about the same as well. There is a possibility that many of them didn't understand the importance of orgasm and thus didn't think much about the same.

Earlier Concept of Orgasm:

The doctors as well had no different opinion about such a situation. For them it was quite normal, if women didn't experience orgasm during intercourse. Until 1970, there were few people who knew about female orgasms. There were few who believed that this concept was a myth and was highly fabricated by media.

The concept has now changed and people now understand the importance of the same. There are facts that support the relevance of female orgasm. There are medical team that opines that women should also enjoy climax so that they it will enhance your whole sexual experience. In fact, some support multiple orgasms, which will definitely strengthen their sexual relationships. It is much possible with mature women, when compared to younger girls.

Importance of Female Orgasm:

Women also experience the same way, as men do when they ejaculation. It creates a special moment, where women enjoy the feel of ecstasy. Similar to men, they also love to be pampered and admired. In scientific terms, the orgasmic moment is when the sex organs contracts. This is an exclusive moment, where women feel on the top of the world.

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Men can always enjoy sex through pumping out of spurts of seminal fluid, which is not the case with women. During sexual intercourse, few women produce liquid fluid especially at orgasm. Not many female release fluids.

What is Multiple Orgasms?

Unlike men, female can experience multiple orgasms. This is indeed one of the biggest differences between both of them. In other words, women can come again, after their 1st climax. Some might few seconds, while others might require more time. The point is they can always enjoy multiple orgasms. There are quite few men, who can experience multiple orgasms like women. However, it is only possible if female will to do so or they want to achieve the same.

Women Love Climax:

Unlike men, it is not a mechanical technique to experience climax. Men get easily ejaculated once their penis is rubbed or massaged. This is certainly not the case with women. They need perfect positions and sexual stamina so as to achieve climax.

Following are the factors that impact their orgasm –

  • They need a romantic atmosphere, which will help in arousing them
  • Unlike men, they need pleasant and comfortable surroundings
  • They want a specific partner who will satisfy her needs
  • The more you make feel special, better is the sexual experience
  • She always prefers as skilled partner who will stimulate her clitoris
  • It is quite important to sue a good quality lubricants so that it doesn't hurt her private parts

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