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Men suffering from an inferior feeling of their penile size, often find it very difficult to perform their best sexually. More than the actual penile issue, it is the fear that stops them to perform better on bed. No doubt they want to date and enjoy the intimate relationships, but fear about revealing their size of penis to their partners. It is quite difficult to overcome the fear of been rejected, as it will directly impact their confidence and ego.

Enhance your Dating Experience:

Such men can always use penis enlargement extenders, as will help them in enlarging the size of their manhood. You can easily find some of the remarkable products that are available in the market. Not only has these device improved the size of their manhood, but has increased their confidence level as well.

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If you are dating for the 1st time, it is quite obvious that you might have innumerable thought sin your mind. They are quite natural to get such a feel, however it would be wrong to compare yourself with men who are experienced. You can certainly take few tips from them, which will definitely make your dating a success.

There are many simple rules that will enhance your dating experience and make it most remarkable. Instead of asking directly a girl on a date, you can always think about befriend with her. This will create a comfort zone, between both of you. This will also help you to know to understand the girl and will also reduce your anxiety. It will give you more time to understand about the opposite sex thinks about dating and sexual intercourse.

Following are some of the factors that indicate the girl likes you and would not mind dating you –

  • Simple Touching – If a girl touches your arms, shoulders, or other parts then it might indicate that she is interested in you. These are simple and effective methods of communicating her likings towards you. If this happens, then it is recommended to note her movements and carefully step forward. In case she doesn't shy away from your initiates, then it indicates that she is interested in you
  • Eye Contact – You can never take off your eyes from anything that attracts you. Same thing happens when you or someone gets attracted towards you. The pupil of your eyes get diluted when are attracted towards a beautiful girl. When you are doing so, it is necessary to have a close look at her eyes as well. They will reveal the fact, if she is interested in your or not. The best way to do so is have a quick look at your partner whenever possible and check for her acknowledgment. If she is uncomfortable she will certainly look away from you or might look somewhere else. In this case, it is recommended not to stare at her for long or make a haste decision to move ahead. This might create a serious problem
  • Crossed Legs - This is considered to be one of the age old techniques and is still followed by many. Any person sitting with crossed legs towards you indicates that she is interested towards you. This can happen in both, platonic and sexual attractions as well.

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